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Matteo B. Bianchi is an Italian novelist and a TV writer.

He published the novels: “Generations of love“, “Fermati tanto così“, “Esperimenti di felicità provvisoria” (Dalai editore), “Apocalisse a domicilio” (Marsilio), “Generations of love – Extensions” and “Maria accanto” (Fandango).

He also published the fairy tale “Tu Cher dalle stelle” (Playground) and the essay “Yoko Ono – Dichiarazioni d’amore per una donna circondata d’odio” (Yoko Ono – Declarations of love for a woman surrounded by hate) for ADD publishing.

He co-edited a dictionary called “Dizionario affettivo della lingua italiana” (The Italian language affective dictionary) for Fandango publishing.

He wrote the daily radio show “Dispenser” broadcasted by Radio Due Rai and is among the writers of several tv-shows, such as “Victor Victoria” (La7), “Quelli che il calcio” (Rai Due), “The X Factor” and the late night show “E poi c’è Cattelan” (Sky Uno). He also wrote the screenplays of five short movies, all directed by Max Croci, for Sky Cinema Channel.

He is the founder and editor of the literary review ‘tina.

He is the director of the independent publishing house Accento.

Some of his books has been translated abroad: “Generations of love” was published in France (by Grancher), in Spain (by Egales editorial) and in Slovenia (by Lambda). The fairy tale, with the title “Cher, upon a midnight clear“, was published in the US by Four Cats press. One of his short stories was published in Germany in the anthology “Animaliter” (by Dusseldorf University Press) and another one in the Netherlands in the anthology “En förebånde dröm” (by Bokförlaget Tranan).

His last novel is “La vita di chi resta” (Mondadori) and it will be published in the following countries:

  • USA: Other Press
  • GERMANY: dtv Verlag
  • FRANCE: Éditions Stock
  • SPAIN: Gatopardo Ediciones
  • SPAIN Catalan language: Mes Llibres
  • THE NETHERLANDS: De Bezige Bij
  • SERBIA: Publik Praktikum
  • JAPAN: Shinchōsha
  • KOREA: Moonye Publishing